Get Involved

There are many things you can do to get involved in the world around you (above and below water). Here are a few:

>> Sustainable Seafood

Want to see more fish in the ocean? Sustainable seafood is caught using methods that support the long term supply of the species and that don’t harm the environment.

>> Learn more about Missouri fish:

An Introduction to Missouri Fish: MO Dept. of Conservation
MO Dept. of Conservation Fishing Section

>> Ships to Reefs
With YOUR help the Ships to Reefs effort can create one of the biggest things
to help our oceans and our industry over the next 10 years.

>> New Sunken Military Craft Act Protects Wreck Sites
October 2004, President George W. Bush signed the FY2005 National Defense Authorization Act protecting sunken military vessels, aircraft and spacecraft from unauthorized disturbance.

>> Invasive Species
Invasive species can be plants, animals, and other organisms (e.g., microbes). Human actions are the primary means of invasive species introductions.

>> Global Invasive Species Database
Searchable database of invasive species by name, location, region, lifeform and habitat.

>> Project Aware
Conserving underwater environments through education, advocacy and action.

>> The Whale Shark Project
Find out more about whale sharks and submit photos you take on vacation to assist scientists in identifying and better understanding these gentile giants.

>> Marine Debris Research and Reduction Act
Marine debris in the form of trash, litter and fishing gear on our beaches and underwater environments is a serious problem. It contaminates natural habitat, harms ocean life and makes shorelines unfit for divers and swimmers.

>> Earthdive Initiative to Boost Protection of Oceans and Seas
Earthdive is a revolutionary new concept in ‘citizen science’ and a global research project for millions of recreational scuba divers who can help to preserve the health and diversity of our oceans.

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