Product Lines

Midwest Scuba is now a SCUBAPRO Platinum Dealer. Along with a limited number of SCUBAPRO dealerships in North America, Midwest Scuba has made a commitment to exclusivly carry the superior brand name SCUBAPRO.

Not able to make the full scuba equipment investment? No fear! We are fortunate to be able to offer our customers a full line of new rental equipment. We pride ourselves in providing clean rental gear, soaking all neoprene and BCs in Mirazyme enzymatic cleaning solution after each use.

We have ScubaPro 2.5mm shorty wetsuits, ScubaPro 3mm wetsuits and ScubaPro 6.5mm jump suits (no more wrestling with Farmer John/Jane suits!) as well as DUI drysuits — a suit for every season! Also available for rental are instruments/regulators, hoods, hooded vests, gloves, BCs, tanks, and weights. Check out our rental rate listing.

Make sure your gear is ready for your next dive! Winter is the perfect time to bring in your regulator, octopus, instruments and BC for annual servicing.

Midwest Scuba is an authorized
ScubaPro Sales and Service Dealer.
We handle all repairs and service in-house by our ScubaPro Certified Service Technicians.

Contact us for information and pricing on other brands not listed above. Labor and parts pricing information can be found by clicking here.