MeetUp Group

Explore Midwest Divers has a group page on MeetUp groups. This group allows you to see who is going on the Saturday dives and send messages out to others. Using this free service will connect participants so that they may schedule carpools, share rooms or any other detail before each weekend. We also have photos from prior trips posted. Everyone in the group will get an e-mail just before the event of the current conditions, any last minute changes and current water temperatures. You can find the group by going to:

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So sign up and start diving! No dive buddy is necessary because you will find plenty of buddies with the group. Again, these events are FREE and you have a chance to win FREE air fill cards at each event and a scuba tank at the end of the year!

2015 Schedule

June 13-14………Meremet Springs (Metroplis, IL)

July 11-12………..Pennyroyal Scuba Center (Hopkinsville, KY)

August 8-9……….Haigh Quarry (Kankakee, IL)

September 5-6…Bull Shoals Lake (Southwest Missouri)

October 10-11…Mermet Springs (Metropolis, IL)

November 14…..Bonne Terre Mines (Bonne Terre, MO)

December 12…..Christmas Party